In this regular busy scheduled lifestyle, a woman’s health is the most ignored factor nowadays. For this reason, a woman’s health is deteriorating day by day. One in three women suffers from osteoporosis, as a result taking care of a woman’s bone health is also necessary.

So, keeping women’s health in mind various woman-specific health drinks are available in the market. Choosing the right health drink for the betterment of women’s health is really tough to determine because of the presence of various brands of health drinks available in the market.

So today we are going to help you choose the better health drink for women between Women’s Horlicks and Bournvita for women (two of the most preferred health drink for women in India).

But before getting straight into the topic “Women’s Horlicks vs Bournvita for women” we need to take a deep dive into each of the products. So, let’s begin.

Women’s Horlicks

Women’s Horlicks by GSK laboratories, rebranded as Horlicks Women’s Plus concentrates on women’s bone health and providing the nutrients necessary for better woman health.

Nutritional Information

100g Women’s Horlicks consist of 1000 mg calcium, 15g protein, Vitamin D 17 mcg, Vitamin K 91.7 mcg, energy 359.8 Kcal, 68.2g carbohydrate, and 3g fat.

Health benefits of Women’s Horlicks

Provides women with stronger bones

Provides essential nutrition required by the body

High presence of Calcium for making your bones stronger

High presence of Vitamin D for easy absorption of Calcium

How to consume Women’s Horlicks?

Take 3 spoons (30g) of Women’s Horlicks and mix it in warm milk or water. Mix it well to avoid lumps. Drink it immediately after preparation.


400 grams of Women’s Horlicks cost you around Rs 280.


Bournvita for women

Bournvita for women by Cadbury, concentrates on a woman’s bone health and supplies the essential nutrients required by the body. Bournvita for women consists of a high amount of Calcium and Phosphorous.

Nutritional Information

100 grams of Bournvita for women consist of 369 Kcal of energy, 12.5g protein, 75.3g carbohydrate, 2.1g fat, 1000mg calcium, 569 mg phosphorous, 16.7mcg Vitamin D, and 91.7 mcg Vitamin K. 

Health benefits of Bournvita for women

The high presence of Calcium and Phosphorous helps in strengthening bones

The high presence of Vitamin D helps in easy calcium absorption

Helps in reducing fatigue

Helps in reducing tiredness

Helps in maintaining the hemoglobin level of your body

How to consume Bournvita for women?

Take 3 spoons of Bournvita for women and mix it in warm water or milk. Milk is the most preferred one, but if you are facing a gastritis issue then you should go for warm water. Mix it well to avoid forming lumps and drink it twice a day for better results.


400 grams cost you around Rs 300.


Women’s Horlicks vs Bournvita for women – Which is better and why? 1. Type of sugar used

After analyzing the ingredients in both Women’s Horlicks and Bournvita for women, I found that sugar is found in both but with different names.

Women’s Horlicks consist of sucrose, hydrolyzed corn solids, and cereal extracts. All these three are different forms of sugar. 

Bournvita for women consists of cereal extracts and Maltodextrin (another form of sugar).

So, if you are a diabetic patient always consult your doctor before consuming Women’s Horlicks or Bournvita for women. In this section, it is a draw between both since sugar is found in both the product.

2. Presence of salt

Bournvita for women mentions the presence of salt ( Sodium content – 71.1mg/serve) in its packaging whereas Women’s Horlicks never mentions the presence of salt in their packaging. Hiding anything from consumers is not a plus point. So, I consider Bournvita better since they mention everything clearly in their packaging.

3. Color and preservatives

Women’s Horlicks consist of natural color 150d, which makes Horlicks brown in color. This color consists of ammonia and sulfite which leads to cancer in the future. Though the color has been added by following the safety limits yet usage of this color may lead to cancer soon. Horlicks does not mention its flavoring agent.

Bournvita for women uses cocoa which is much healthier and natural.

So, here Bournvita for women clearly wins the race.

4. Number of micronutrients present

Bournvita for women has 15 fortified micronutrients whereas Women’s Horlicks has been fortified with 19 micronutrients. So Women’s Horlicks is better than Bournvita for women in cases of the presence of micronutrients.

5. For bone health

Bournvita for women claims the presence of calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin D for maintaining bone health. 

Women’s Horlicks not only consist of calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin D but also has Vitamin K, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Zinc, and protein which help in maintaining your bone and also can be considered as an all-rounder.

So Women’s Horlicks can be considered as the best in improving your bone health if compared to Bournvita for women.

6. Presence of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is responsible for calcium absorption and the formation of bones. Both products fulfill the 100% Vitamin D requirement in our body. But Horlicks is fortified with Vitamin K and fulfills 100% Vitamin K2 requirements., which is not found in Bournvita for women. Vitamin K is highly essential for your bones. So Women’s Horlicks is better than Bournvita for women.

7. Protein

Protein is responsible for the formation of the structure of the bone. 

Women’s Horlicks provides 9 gram of protein per 2 serves (60g)

Bournvita for women provides 7.5g of protein per 2 serves (60g)

So the amount of protein is more in Women’s Horlicks compared to Bournvita for women.

8. Magnesium and phosphorous

Women’s Horlicks fulfill 1/4th requirement of Magnesium required by your body and increases your bone’s thickness. But Bournvita for women consists of phosphorous instead of magnesium. Well, phosphorous is also important for bone thickness, but too much phosphorous can lead to the take-up of calcium from bones. So, magnesium is safe and highly required for bone health. So Women’s Horlicks is considered the best for women’s bone health.

9. Zinc

Zinc is required for providing bone strength and immunity. Horlicks for women fulfill 13% of the zinc requirement but Bournvita women fulfill 83% of the zinc requirement in our body. Bournvita for women is the clear winner here. But Horlicks for women contains selenium (important for immunity), which is absent in Bournvita for women.

10. Amount of fat present

Horlicks for women claims to be a low-fat product. And indeed it is a low-fat product. 100 gram of Women’s Horlicks consist of 3g fat.

But under the same scenario, 100 grams of Bournvita for women contain 2.1g of fat. So Bournvita for women clearly wins the race for being the low-fat product.

11. Presence of iron and other vitamins

Bournvita for women is iron-fortified which fulfills the 100% requirement of Iron. But Women’s Horlicks is not iron-fortified.

Vitamin A and Vitamin E are present in both Women’s Horlicks and Bournvita for women. But the amount of both the vitamins are present more in Women’s Horlicks if compared with Bournvita for women.

The winner between Women’s Horlicks and Bournvita for women

Confused right? 

Well if you combine all the points you will find Women’s Horlicks as the clear winner in aspects of providing better bone health in women. But that does not mean Bournvita for women is bad for bone health. Instead, it can be regarded as an all-rounder for women’s health. But if you want a health drink that specially focuses on your bone health then Women’s Horlicks should be your choice.


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