Both diet and exercise are key when trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Getting in a good sweat session does not need to take long, however.

“If it’s a quick one, I’d recommend mixing full body and a little bit of HIIT,” the expert said.

“If you only have 20 minutes, really mix it up, get a timer on and make sure you plan all the things so you’re not spending time wondering what you’re going to do.”

Planning ahead and opting to combine moves can result in the most effective workout in a short period of time, she explained.

Courtney continued: “Mix between a HIIT exercise and full body exercise, like a compound move, which is two moves put together like a squat press or burpee press up, or chest press sit up and just getting all different body parts working at once.


“And also getting your heart rate up and down so you’re burning fat and you’re building muscle at the same time.”

Getting the heart rate up can help boost the metabolism which can lead to more fat and calories being burned.

Courtney also offered advice to those who are new to exercise or not sure where to start with a workout programme.

While it can be tempting to go full force into a new routine, the expert said Britons should be aware of their own level.

Trying to do workouts which are too advanced could make it more tempting to give up, she said.

Instead of starting with advanced programmes, Courtney recommended beginners start at a suitable level for them and focus on tracking their progress.

She stated: “You need to remember that you are just starting out. You need to take breathers when you need to, but the main important thing whenever you do a workout is just to not quit the workout.

“Because if you keep starting a workout and keep quitting it, you’re not going to get any better at that workout.

“Be honest with yourself, that you are a beginner, be mindful that you’re going to take a breather, but also realise how much progress you’re going to make in that week.

“Within a week or two weeks you’re going to get so much fitter and it’s going to feel so much better and easier.”

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