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Posted June 15, 2021 9:57 pm

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Canada’s prime minister has checked in at the final stop from his trip overseas.

Justin Trudeau and the rest of the Canadian delegation who travelled to the United Kingdom and Belgium checked in at a three-star hotel near the Ottawa airport Tuesday evening to begin a 14-day quarantine.

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Canada introduced a rule earlier in the year that those entering the country by air without an exemption have to stay at a government-approved hotel for up to three nights before going home to finish the rest of their quarantine.

Trudeau’s office has said the prime minister, as well as his official delegation, will follow all the same COVID-19 travel rules being asked of Canadians.

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The Opposition Conservatives have railed against the fact the prime minister isn’t staying at one of the same government-authorized hotels citizens have to choose from.

Where he and the rest of the delegation were staying was quiet Tuesday evening.

Journalists and government staff were given rooms on the same floor and greeted by boxed lunches.

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0:57Trudeau announces EU-Canada health dialogue

Trudeau announces EU-Canada health dialogue

Those in the delegation are expected to not leave the hotel room until negative results return from a COVID-19 test that was administered when they arrived.

Trudeau and those on the trip were tested nearly ten times for COVID-19 several days before the flight left Ottawa for Europe last week.

The Prime Minister has landed in Canada. The delegation, including media, has taken PCR tests. It’s our 9th test of this trip, counting the one before we left. We were taken by bus to a nearby hotel until our result comes back negative.

— Abigail Bimman (@AbigailBimman) June 15, 2021

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An expert advisory panel recently told the Liberal government it should phase out the policy of forcing people to stay in quarantine hotels, because it doesn’t follow science and contains too many loopholes to be consistently followed.

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