As daily coronavirus cases decline in India, experts have warned that a new wave may hit the country soon if safety protocols are not being followed. The ferocious second wave of COVID-19 swept India earlier this year, as thousands of people succumbed to the virus infection in almost every corner of the country. Several kids also tested positive for the infection which led to the assumption that the third wave might infect the children more than any other age group. The part which is making the healthcare workers worried is that most of these COVID-positive children are asymptomatic. 

According to the Sero survey, the third wave could infect the children more and most of these kids between the age group of 10 to 18 years will suffer the same severity of the infection as the adults did in the second wave of the virus outbreak.

COVID-19 Third Wave: Why Children Are Expected To Get Affected More?

The third wave of coronavirus could be deadly and proper precautionary measures are required to be taken to keep the infection at bay. But are children only at risk? No. But this ‘no’ has some exceptions. While the third COVID wave may not only affect a particular age group but can be deadly for those children and kids who are suffering from pre-existing chronic conditions such as — heart disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes type 1, kidney failure, obesity.

Why is it so? Experts say this is because the virus has mutated and has become more powerful to infect the ones who have not received the vaccine doses yet. And, children are the only age group who doesn’t have any vaccines approved yet for administration.

However, it is not that other age groups are free from the virus infection. According to the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), even though kids are more prone to suffer in the third COVID-19 wave, it is “highly unlikely that the third wave will predominantly or exclusively affect children”.

Ways In Which Children Can Be Kept Safe

As we see a dip in the daily coronavirus counts, here are some of the ways that can help you keep your little ones safe amid the speculations of a third wave which can be deadly for the children:

Parents should get vaccinated fully to make sure their kids are safe from catching the infection.

Make sure that your kids are eating healthy foods and following a good daily routine. Eating healthy can help them build immunity against any virus attacks.

Do not send your kids to schools immediately if they reopen.

Keep your children’s hands sanitized and clean. And, educate them about the safety protocols of COVID-19.

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