Everyone is looking for the health “magic bullet”. We all want to be well and not plagued with sickness or infirmity. We are looking for that one thing that is both simple and effective and above all requires little effort on our part. Unfortunately, it does not work that way.

Let me say, first, that there is a magic bullet and that that magic bullet resides within each and every one of us.

The first thing that is required to access the “magic bullet” is the desire to be in good health because only from a sincere desire can we implement whatever is necessary to accomplish this end.

 From desire comes willpower, which, for some, is a fate worse than death. “You mean I have to do this”? “But, I love my meat”! “I can’t do that”! These are all rationalizations for doing what our senses have become accustomed to and demand of us. And why have our senses become accustomed to something that they fight to hold on to? Conditioning!

We go through life doing things that were taught to us by our parents who were taught by their parents who were taught by their parents and back and back and back. This is called conditioning. But there comes a time when conditioning has to be broken. After all, the lemmings have been following themselves off the cliff for thousands of years but that doesn’t make it right.

Did you ever wonder why the mainstream media never runs stories about veganism/vegetarianism? Its because they don’t want to jeopardize their restaurant and pharmaceutical advertising dollars. I recently sent an comment to the Asbury Park Press regarding the importance of a vegan diet. It never got published but the next day they printed an article about a new Rx drug that will enhance the immune system. “Gimmie da money, honey”!

When we learn that saturated fat is the leading contributor to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, stroke, constipation, and most of the other degenerative diseases that befall us, and we learn that saturated fat comes from flesh foods (anything that walks, runs, crawls, flies, and swims, and dairy products), why do we continue to ingest them?

“Let yourself go to Pizza Hut”! The constant suggestions by the media combined with our conditioning makes us slaves to our senses instead of controllers of our senses and in doing so we compromise our intelligence.

If we know that fish are loaded with mercury, banned pesticides like DDT, dioxins and PCBs, why do we continue to eat them?

 When we learn that 80% of all chicken sold are very much diseased before slaughter and are extremely filthy in that they are soaked in a bath of stool, urine, pus and putrid water before slaughter, why do we continue to eat them, especially when the USDA says if you cannot see the doo doo through the clear wrap it’s ok to sell? What’s even more crazy is that the USDA said years ago, whatever surface a chicken touches, needs to be washed with boiling water to remove the adverse toxins. Yummmmy!

 When we learn that cows and other flesh raised for food are fed the ground up remains of the dead, dying, diseased, and decaying animals as well as road kill and euthanized pets, regardless of whether they are diseased or not, why do we continue to eat them?

 When we learn that dairy cows are fed artificial growth hormones that bring them to full size in a couple of months so they can produce more and that those hormones pass to us in the milk, why do we continue to drink it?

 When most of the eggs sold today are loaded with salmonella, why do we continue to eat them?

 Conditioning, that’s why!

The health “magic bullet” is in every one of us and believe me, it’s not that difficult to access. The process may be a slow one as transitioning may take time. But while the process is going on, consuming organic sulfur crystals will aid in restoring the cells in the body to a healthy state.

So, the question then is, will just changing my diet reverse my problems? For the most part, yes. But, there’s more to it.

The question you need to answer is, are your cells getting enough oxygen?

The answer is NO. Why, you ask? Because the Rockefellers, in line with their population reduction agenda, killed the leading oxygen releasing mineral from the planet, in an effort to sicken the people and speed up their dependency on pharmaceuticals and ultimately their demise.

That mineral is sulfur, which used to be abundant in manure, but eliminated when they convinced the farmers they could grow more crops by not shoveling shit in their fields but by using their synthetically created petro-chemical fertilizers and then ultimately requiring their synthetically created pharmaceuticals.

The question then is, what is so good about having oxygen circulation in the body? For openers, it makes the cells soft and permeable whereby the oxygen can easily flood the cells making it so the wastes in the body can easily be removed.

Lack of oxygen, on the other hand, creates cellular malfunctions leading to multiple diseases and, of course, cancer.

So, besides a crap diet affecting our health and with sulfur gone, the cells get continually assaulted with radiation, GMOs, toxic chemicals that the Fraud and Drug Administration allows to be put into the extended shelf-life, growth hormone loaded, stink reducing, color enhancing, antibiotic loaded food, as well as the synthetics in personal care products, the chemtrails that poison and contaminate the air we breathe as well as the fluoridated water and sulfur depleted soil.

My friend, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, PhD from MIT, has already linked the lack of sulfur to autism, obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and chronic fatigue.

Sulfur will help the body detox all of this crap. It is also a major antioxidant, allowing the formation of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, which leads to quick wound healing, pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Because the sulfur builds collagen and keratin, the hair, nails and skin thrive. It will improve dental and gum health, create beneficial gut bacteria, which leads to a good pH level especially if the diet is majorly plant-based.

On a personal level, my life-long asthma disappeared in one day and has not come back in 15 years.

It’s also good to drink lots of water when taking the sulfur because it speeds up the detox process. And if you are subjected to fluoride in your water, no worries. The sulfur detoxes the fluoride out of the system.

Does it sound too good to be true? If it didn’t, why would the Rockefeller’s have removed it in the first place?






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