Noodles, the favorite edible junk food highly preferred by kids has a huge fan following in India because of its taste and quick preparation time. Among all the favourite edible noodle brands in India, Sunfeast Yipee Noodles has gained a lot of popularity in recent days. So today we will be talking about the fact whether Sunfeast Yipee Noodles are safe to eat or not. 

We will be looking at the nutritional information, ingredients and ultimately decide whether Sunfeast Yipee Noodles are safe to eat or not. So, let’s begin

Nutritional information of Sunfeast Yipee Noodles

100 gram of Sunfeast Yipee Noodles contains the following nutrition













Trans fat


Saturated fat




Ingredients present in Sunfeast Yipee Noodles

The ingredients present in Sunfeast Yipee Noodles are as follows

Wheat flour 

Refined palm oil

Iodised salt

Wheat gluten

Calcium carbonate

Thickener (INS 412)

Stabilizers [ INS 339(ii), INS 450(iii), INS 452(i) ]

Acidity regulators [ INS 501(i), INS 500(i)]

7 reasons why Sunfeast Yipee Noodles is not good for your health? 1. High calorie content

Yipee noodles contains almost 500Kcal calories per 100gm. Ideally, a snack should be consisting of 300Kcal-400Kcal, instead Sunfeast Yipee Noodles has 100 calories more than the ideal calorie content that should be present in an evening snack. It has the same calories as you get from lunch and dinner. But this is still manageable as you can eat this as your main course meal or exercise hard after eating, so that the calories get used up. In this way you can maintain the calorie.

2. Too much of fat

This small pack of Sunfeast Yipee Noodles consist of 5 tablespoon of oil (20g fat). This 5 tablespoon of oil is considered way too much because you need to use this fat up throughout the day, and consuming such amount of fat for an evening snack is not at all good for your health.

All instant noodles are deep fried, as a result they are ready to cook in 2-4 minutes. Sunfeast Yipee Noodles also being deep fried absorbs a lot of fat and has high amount of fat content.

3. Too much saturated fat

Sunfeast Yipee Noodles has high amount of saturated fats (bad cholesterol) in its content. If you are consuming 1 packet of yipee noodles you will be getting almost 11 grams of saturated fats. This amount of saturated fats might be still considered safe if taken up in dinner or lunch, but such amount of saturated fat for an evening snack is not at all worth it. Such high amount of intake of saturated fats on a regular basis may lead to

heart disease



4. Digestive problems

All ingredients used in Sunfeast Yipee Noodles are neither healthy nor beneficial for your health. The base of the yipee noodle is flour (maida). We all know flour is just a carbohydrate, and has no essential nutrients. Flour is harmful for your children. Flour is basically sticky in nature and may cause digestive related problems such as constipation, gas formation and acidity in your kid. So for the sake of the taste do not compromise your child’s growth and development.

5. High amount of sodium is present

There is a high amount of sodium present in Sunfeast Yipee Noodles. This is obvious because it has high salt content and a lot of food additives and preservatives. Too much sodium is bad for your health. Sodium increases the blood pressure and also retains water in your body. This excess water retention by sodium will lead to bloating. The worst part is that Sunfeast Yipee Noodles does not mention the sodium content in its packaging.

6. Food additives and preservatives

We all know how preserved food are not good for health. As I have mentioned before, Sunfeast Yipee Noodles contains an ingredient known as INS 339(ii). The FDA mentions that Stabilizer 339(ii) is very harmful for kidney patients. But this disclaimer is not mentioned in the packaging. The other stabilizers used in yipee noodles include INS 450(iii) and INS 452(i), are nothing but chemicals which stays in your body for a long time. There are also presence of certain thickeners which causes gas formation and loose stools.

7. Not at all good for pregnant women and infants

If you are pregnant or a lactating mom or if you have a small child in your home read this point carefully. Sunfeast Yipee Noodles has added flavor enhancer. But this product does not contain MSG (Monosodium glutamate), which is a plus point of this product.

Instead it contains INS 627 and INS 631 flavor enhancers which are not as harmful as MSG but has several side effects. This enhancers should be completely ignored if you are pregnant or a lactating mom. These enhancers are also not good for your infant’s health. 

These flavor enhancers are neurotoxins which results in metabolic disorders in the body. In fact these flavor enhancers can affect your reproductive health as well. So being a pharmacist, I would recommend you to stay away from Sunfeast Yipee Noodles if you are pregnant.


At the end I would like to say that companies make these products by keeping taste and demands in their mind. But one should maintain proper information on the packaging. Sunfeast Yipee Noodles has a lack of information on their packaging. Also I have given you the reasons why Sunfeast Yipee Noodles (being a junk food) is not at all safe to eat for kids as well as pregnant women. Also if you are an adult try not to consume any junk food on a regular basis.


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All views in this article are personal and not sponsored by any food companies. Being a pharmacist, I have researched the nutritional facts provided in the packaging and provided you with the review.

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